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The web has emerged as the most influential force for those wanting to market their products.

When working with businesses, particularly ‘bricks and mortar’, I assist and educate how you can, and need to, create an online presence that integrates with your existing infrastructure.

It can be done successfully; and to succeed in business today, it needs to be done.

Online marketing companies can offer solutions, but knowing which of the numerous options available for your particular business is the right one; that is the key.

What it really comes down to is that for businesses to achieve their goals, businessman and managers must shift from simply controlling their companies marketing and product information to actually facilitate its sharing and play an active part in its collaborative use.

By understanding this online medium, as well as business marketing needs from the individual business perspective, I guide the decision making process while ensuring cost and outcomes are achieved.

Business people don’t utilise everything it has to offer. In dealing with clients, I have found the reasons are:

The 'Social'


Consumers are now connecting with each other and sharing information about just about everything. They are effectively beating marketers at their own game by sharing their own experiences and thoughts with each other. Because consumers tend to trust conversations among themselves more than they do advertising and marketing companies, these companies have less impact and are losing a lot of their control.

This shift is a game changer.

I can assist on how to properly use the social web to your business advantage and how to effectively participate as a marketer by adopting the underlying behaviours that power the social web and making it the basis for your business and marketing plans.

I help you deal with the paradox between giving up control and simultaneously gaining influence by becoming accepted (or respected) by the social communities that are important to your business.